Creating the Reality You Want through Vibration Matching

Creating the Reality You Want through Vibration Matching

Ecstatic Embodiment: The Key to Manifesting

Ecstatic: feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement. a person subject to mystical experiences.

Embodiment: a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling. the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form. Synonym: manifestation

You are a creator of you reality...we’ve all hear this...but how does it really work?

When you emit a vibrational signal, the signal is answered as vibrational first; everything has a vibrational frequency. The goal is create harmony with the vibrational frequency of that which you are trying to manifest.

The problem tends to be the perceived time gap...which can lead to doubt...but this is a false reality you have just not tuned into the right channel to match the frequency of the thing you are asking for.

In order to tune into the correct channel, you must imagine what it would feel like for you to have this thing you desire and let the emotion of having it, achieving it, experiencing it fill your being and maintain this feeling for at least 17 seconds and try to maintain this stream of good feeling for as long as possible and cultivate it again and again throughout your day.

The more you can emit this vibrational frequency, matching that which you desire, the faster the physical manifestation of this object of your mind’s eye will come into form.

The answer comes in vibrational form first, which isn’t experienced with the 5 senses. You must embody the feeling energetically = Ecstatic embodiment.

If it doesn’t feel like it is being given, because you are in a different frequency than what you are asking for. You have to line up with what you are asking for. When you want more money, but you are feeling financially bound, then you are that way. You need to make the vibrational shift first.

When you feel that way, you ARE that way. What comes first always is your vibrational continence then the manifestation just matches what you feel like.


The Steps to Manifesting through Vibration Matching

  • Step 1: Ask - Ask for that which you desire that is in a contrasting vibration to the one you are currently in
  • Step 2: Source - The answers it is given vibrationally, so there is no gap
  • Step 3: Allow it to be - You need to convince yourself there is no gap by feeling how it would feel as if you already have the thing you asked for in order for it to be.
  • Step 4: Embody the Feeling Match the Vibration - When you wake up in the morning, spend time tuning into the feeling of having the things you desire most. Being grateful for it as if it is already here. Feel the joy and give thanks. Gratitude is a powerful practice to opening the door to abundance in your life. Make sure you do this gratitude practice or vibrational matching practice before you start doing things you don’t want to do or thinking about things that challenge your sense of well-being. If you can’t sustain to sense of well being and an attitude of appreciation or just a little bit, the law of attraction will work.

You step into your power as a manifestor when you can embody the feeling of already having the focus of your intention before there is physical proof of its existence. When you are first able to cultivate the vibrational constant of it before it is, in turn means it must be. It is that simple!!!

Vibrational Alignment Sample Exercise

If you want more money but you feel like you don’t have enough can ask for more money all day, everyday, but if in your belly, and in your being you are feeling the fear or

absence of have a vibrational going that is different than the answer seek.  You want more money, but your vibration says you don’t have enough, so the Universe says and answers with how you are feeling.

I want to attract Financial Freedom.

In order to do so, you have to match the vibrational frequency of financial freedom. What does the vibrational frequency of abundance feel like?

The vibration of abundance feels like...

- Ease

- Clarity

- Freedom to choose

- Eagerness

- Unlimited

- Unrestrained

- Always flowing

- Abundant

- Certainty

- Trust

Financial Freedom doesn’t feel like:

- Pinched off

- Restricted

- Blocked

- Constricted

- Fear

- Jealousy

- Worry

Sustaining the Vibration to Attract More of It

You have 17 seconds to sustain this high frequency thought and move it into something even more powerful. After 17 seconds, another thought like it joins it, and then there is manifestational power kicks in after this 17 second trigger point.

The key is to win your morning. When you first wake up is the easiest time to program your subconscious mind and set your vibrational alignment for the day ahead. If you wake up and practice cultivating a happy thought mixed with a feel-good feeling of having it and maintain it for 17 seconds you ignite and tune the law of attraction in your favor.

Create a habit of asking yourself: What do I really want? And what does it FEEL LIKE  to have it? (IT being that which you want to attract.)

Sustain this feeling of well-being for as long as you can. After practicing this for one, two and three weeks, it becomes easier to find and maintain the frequency of feeling good. This feeling of feeling good becomes your norm and soon other benefits will come.

Building Resilience Through Vibrational Alignment

When you can attain this vibrational alignment with who you really are and sustain it, you become resilient to the things happening around you that may have pushed you out of alignment before. It is as if you develop shock absorbers to life, even when you find yourself on a really bumpy road, your shock absorbers make it so you can’t feel the bumps, you are still driving over the bumps but you are now resilient to them.

The ultimate goal is to be able to maintain your vibrational alignment, your high vibrational frequency around anyone, anywhere.

How you feel is a great indication of what is coming are you feeling right now?


Practice and attitude of gratitude for the things you already have in your life is a great way to practice raising your vibration and opening the doors to attract more things you are grateful for. For a daily reminder to be grateful, we create our Bhavana Gratitude Bamboo Tea Tumber that serves as simple reminder to give thanks. It makes a great gift to give to someone you are grateful for :)


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