Our Story

We are two sisters on journey of self-discovery that are dedicated to sharing all the inspiring pearls of wisdom we discover along the way. 

Our last two years have been spent on a small crystal island in the Gulf of Thailand immersed in a yogic community of alternative healing and holistic modalities, we were awakened to a new found aspiration to clean our inner world and outer world. We have learned that all change is ignited form the present as this is all we truly have.

The ocean is our backyard and our home. It became inevitably clear the destruction single-use plastic is having on our eco-systems. The plastic we use for only a couple minutes is being dumped in our oceans. It is killing the marine life, polluting our most precious resource and washing up daily on the shores all around the world.  

We were picking up bags of trash daily but it continued to wash ashore day after day. Seeing the effect this was having on our precious oceans ignited a flame deep with us. It was time to create change... 

This is when our idea for Bhavana Bottle came. A simple and elegant bottle encased with sacred geometry and high vibration words to bring the mind back to the present - gratitude and love for being alive.  Bring mindfulness back into our daily decisions.  

All of our products are sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to replace single-use plastic. We wanted captivating sacred geometric designs to serve as a vehicle to bring people back to the now. That is why we've decided to donate $1 of all proceeds to cleaning the oceans. Let's work together to create a cleaner world, a place we are all proud to call home. 

Our products are an invitation to slow down, take a breath and cultivate a high vibrational feeling to emanate out into the world. It is our hope that our products lessen plastic waste, contribute to clean our oceans and bring you back to the present even for a moment and feel what it feels like to know you are making a difference with every sip you take.