How The Power of Intention Has Changed Our Lives

The power of intention has been a transformative force in our lives, shaping our path and unlocking countless possibilities. Today we work as transformational coaches and Soma Breath Instructors to help other creative visionaries follow their passion and live their purpose.


By harnessing focused intention, we have witnessed dreams manifest into reality and obstacles transformed into stepping stones. Through clarity of purpose and unwavering belief, we have experienced a profound shift in our mindsets, enabling us to overcome challenges and embrace personal growth.


Living with intention has served as our guiding compass to align action with our highest calling and heart’s values. This way of living has instilled a sense of meaningful purpose into daily moments allowing us to live with intentionality, authenticity and profound appreciation for the present moment. The power of intention has become an integral part of our journey guiding us towards a life filled with meaning, fulfillment and limitless potential.


At Bhavana Bottle we value the importance of connection both to ourselves, our community and to the world around us. Our products are infused positive vibrations to promote a sense of connection to something bigger than us.

We invite you to join our comunity of live-minded people, where we share insights to our own journey of finding purpose and become spritual companions on our journeys towards growth.