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5 High Vibe Designs to Choose From

17.9oz Gratitude Bamboo Tumbler


Our Gratitude bottle is laser etched with the word GRATITUDE, combined with a beautiful original mandala that includes the powerful creation pattern known as the Flower of Life.
Our Gratitude bottle was inspired by the work of the Japanese Water researcher Dr. Emoto whose work evidenced that our words have the power to change the structure of water. Water subjected to GRATITUDE turned into beautiful geometric patterns that inspired the design of this bottle.

17.9oz Wanderlust Bamboo Tumbler

The Perfect Travel Gift for Every Adventure

Not all those who WANDER are lost... Allow this bottle to serve as a simple reminder to never loose your sense of wonder for this miraculous world we live in. Drink in feelings of WONDER and GRATITUDE with every sip. Say YES to adventure and allow your heart to guide the way.  

17.9oz Love Bamboo Tumbler

The Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

Each bamboo bottle is laser etched with the word LOVE, combined with a beautiful original mandala that includes the powerful creation pattern known as the Flower of Life.
Love is one of most powerful forces in the Universe. It is the energy that makes up the very core of our being. We hope this bottle serves as a kind reminder to drink in feelings of love with every sip.

17.9oz Namaste Bamboo Tumbler

An Inspired Reminder of Our Oneness

This beautiful bamboo water bottle is laser etched with the word NAMASTE paired with a beautiful lotus flower design.  
My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the whole Universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty, & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

17.9oz Peace Bamboo Tumbler

An Invitation To Surrender to the Peace Within

Our beautifully crafted, all natural, PEACE bamboo water bottle equip with a removable stainless steel infuser that can be used for making the perfect brew of herbal tea or fruit infused water. This unique bamboo water bottle is laser etched with the word PEACE paired with a beautiful hamsa design.
We hope this bottle serves as a simple reminder to slow your breath, honor the stillness within and feel the boundless love and light that surrounds you.

Perfect for Every Adventure

Each Bhavana Bottle is lines with high grade stainless steel to keep your liquids PIPING HOT or ICY COLD all day long! Now you can enjoy your favorite hot and cold beverages with you wherever you go!

Eye Catching Bamboo Laser Engraved Designs

Each bottle is laser engraved with a captivating design that are sure to stand out on the shelf and make the perfect gift item!

A Water Bottle That Gives Back

We donate 3% of all sales to sales to charity focused on water projects that provide clean water solutions to millions of people around the globe in need.

My first day having these bottles in stock I sold all but 2. One lady bought 5 for all of her friends! We are getting orders now on our website and will be ordering a large amount for a Women's event at the end of the month. Fantastic Product, beautifully made and worth every cent!

Beach'n Products

14 Mar 2020, 12:21

Details focused and amazing. My staff has me almost sold out already (in two days) will be ordering again probably by next week.

The Human Experience

29 Feb 2020, 14:42

I love the exquisite cutout design; it gives a feeling of peace and serenity reminding me to chill and Many customers are attracted to these beautiful bottles and the story behind them. We are near sellout at this time and I can only hope that more are available. Highly recommend.


Earth Impact

4 DEC 2019 14:42

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