Health Benefits of Cinnamon Water

Health Benefits of Cinnamon Water


Health Benefits of Cinnamon Water

Posted by Patty Turgeon, 16th May 2020

10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon Water

Cinnamon is a delicious and aromatic spice that is well known across the world for its medicinal properties to fight most of the health conditions and other disorders.

There are numerous benefits of drinking cinnamon water, and the top 10 health benefits of drinking cinnamon with water are listed below:


1. Enhancing The Skin Tone

When cinnamon is used in foods, it helps your skin to enhance from the inside. Adding a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to your food items every day can provide you with the necessary amount of fiber required in the diet. Cinnamon water helps your body to eliminate all types of unnecessary waste products and flush out the toxins as well. It helps clogged pores and improves your skin condition to become the best.

2. Improves Acne Conditions

Cinnamon water can act against bacteria that produce acne on your face. This water is taken daily can heal your skin from the inside against all types of skin conditions.

3. Essential For Diet

There are rumors that drinking cinnamon tea and cinnamon mixed with honey is best for weight loss. The truth is, the combination of both can reduce your appetite and then, it can result in weight loss. Drinking cinnamon water can benefit your digestive system and increase your metabolism.

4. Effective For Menstrual Cramps

Cinnamon water is highly beneficial in the case of women. Ladies who suffer from the mental stress and depression during periods, drinking cinnamon water regularly on those days can help you reduce the mental problems along with the menstrual cramps because cinnamon contains analgesic and anti-coagulated.

5. Enhances The Functioning Of The Brain

Drinking cinnamon water regularly boosts the concentration levels and helps you focus on things. It has even proven to be helpful in curing brain diseases like Parkinson, Alzheimer. .

6. Improves The Toothache Problems

Cinnamon water is simple very simple and effective natural remedy for toothache problems. You can also use it as a mouth rinse for problem areas to get the effective results.

7. Improves The Immune System

Drinking cinnamon water on a regular basis can boost your immune system and help the body protect itself from the bacterial and viral infections.

8. Enhances Your Hearing Capabilities

If you consume a balanced amount of cinnamon in your diet, it can help you restore the hearing phenomena.

9. Cinnamon Is Anti-Carcinogenic

Research has shown that cinnamon water contains a high amount of anti-carcinogens that reduces the production of cancer cells.

10. Contains Anti-Ageing Properties

Looking for a natural anti-aging elixir?? Drinking cinnamon water regularly can help you keep a youthful and fresh complexion. It has anti-aging properties that slow down aging and keep keep your skin radiant.

These are the top 10 benefits of drinking cinnamon water on a regular basis for naturally improving overall health. If you are looking for a easy way to infuse your water with cinnamon sticks while you are on go, our Bhavana Bottle's come with a unique infuser that is perfect for steeping cinnamon sticks so you can drink this anti-aging elixir any time of the day.

How to Create Cinnamon Water Using Bhavana Bottle

Every Bhavana Bottle comes with a unique stainless steel infuser that is perfect for infusing water with cinnamon sticks and other healthy infusions. How to use:

- Put one cinnamon stick inside your Bhavana Bottle

- Snap in the stainless steel strainer to keep cinnamon stick from coming out when you are drinking

- Fill the bottle with nearly boiling water and close the lid

- Let the cinnamon stick to steep in the water for 15 minutes


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