I bought my first Bhavana Bottle; and absolutely loved it. If you like tea (or any hot beverage really), you’ll find this super convenient. You merely place the desired tea into the steeping basket then place the closed steeping basket into the bottle. Pour pre-heated water over/into the basket and tea! I estimate it as about three servings of tea. Very easy with no mess. I gifted one to my daughter, who’s one month critique duplicates my own. Oh, also very aesthetically pleasing. Namaste!

Kenneth L. Sandridge

2 APR 2020, 12:21

I love everything about Bhavana Bottle!!! The story, the mission and the beautiful bottles that I use for everything!!! I love making my morning tea with it and it really keeps it hot ALL day!! I get so many compliments and purchased others for friends as gifts :)

Jenny Raley

15 MAR 2020, 14:42

The cutout design for the PEACE bottle is absolutely beautiful. It makes you feel great just by looking at the bottle. I keep it on my desk at work, and It really does remind me to remain calm! These unique bottles make a great gift. I gave one to a family member for Christmas, and she was just in awe when she took it out of the packaging (which is also beautiful). Shipping was lightening fast! I plan on purchasing more of these bottles in the future.

Patricia Watson

24 MAR 2020, 14:42

LOVE my Bhavana Bottle. The design is gorgeous and it's super high quality.


2 APR 2023, 12:21

It keeps my tea HOT, yea! It is beautifully made and inspiring! I would like the infuser to be up to 2 inches longer and all one part (take out that small part so it is all basket ) allowing the tea leaves free to move about. A handle would be extra beneficial.


15 MAR 2023, 14:42



24 MAR 2023, 14:42

I absolutely love my bamboo tea tumbler, not only is the symbology absolutley stunning but everything they stand for aligns with my beliefs. Such a great company to purchase from and a wonderful product as well! This is my second tumbler as I bought if as a gift! I loveee mine!


2 June 2023, 12:21

I saw these in a retail shop while vacationing in Utah and decided to order when I got home to save space. I’m glad I did! I bought two as gifts and they are such high quality and beautiful. Can’t wait for my gift recipients to open them on Christmas!


15 MAY 2023, 14:42

I love this tumbler. I bought it for my friend who is a yoga teacher for her birthday and looking forward to giving it to her. I have the Gratitude tumber and I absolutely love how beautiful it is.


24 MAY 2023, 14:42

Beautiful bottle with great quality. The designs are lovely! Works well and keeps my drinks both cold and warm. Would recommend!


2 APR 2023, 12:21

I won my Bhavana Bottle in a contest and received it a couple weeks ago. I chose the 17.9oz Peace design and love it! Shipping was fast and it came in a very nice, sturdy box. The bottle is easy to hold on to, the design looks cool, and my beverage stays cold for a long time. This bottle uses unique materials and I like that it doesn't look like most of the other bottles that people use. Treat yourself to one or surprise someone else!


15 MAR 2020, 14:42

This is my second bottle because I loved the first series so much! I got the larger size this time and it’s a dream. I use it for everything. I purchased one for my boyfriend as well. ❤️


24 MAR 2020, 14:42