Together We Can Be the Change

One Sip at a Time

Our mission is to provide beautiful sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles that reduce our plastic footprint and bring mindfulness back to daily decision making. The first step to create change is becoming aware of the impact our habitual daily actions are having on our planet.
As our means of being a part of the solution, we donate 3% of all product sales to support organizations dedicated to the preservation and cleaning of our precious oceans.

Sister Owned Business

We are two sisters doing our best to spread the power of Love & Gratitude while reducing single-use plastic waste.

Earth Friendly Design

Bhavana Bottles provide a eco-friendly refillable solution that can be used for all hydration needs instead of single-use plastic bottles

Give Back to the Earth

We donate 3% of all sales to charitable organizations working to provide clean water solutions to communities in need.

Infused with Love & Gratitude

The idea for Bhava Bottle came to us while we were living on a small island in the Gulf of Thailand immersed in a yogic community focused on finding physical, mental and emotional healing.
While living on the island, it became inevitably clear the destruction single-use plastic is having on our ocean eco-systems. The plastic we use for only a couple minutes is being dumped in our oceans. It is killing the marine life, polluting our life giving resources and washing up daily on the shores all around the world.  

Thoughtfully Engraved Designs

One day we were swimming in the ocean after a storm and found ourselves surrounded by a murky river of trash. We were deeply saddened by this experience and decided to be part of the solution.

The designs for the bottles were inspired by the book Hidden Messages Water, written by the Japanese water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, whose work evidenced that water responds to our thoughts, words and intentions.

This is why all our bottles are engraved with high vibration words that gently invite the mind back to enjoying the present.


A Water Bottle That Gives Back

All of our products are sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to replace single-use plastic. We donate 3% of all sales to sales to charity focused on water projects that provide clean water solutions to millions of people around the globe in need.

The Inspiration for Bhavana Bottle

Bhavana Bottle was inspired by the work of Japanese water researcher, Dr. Masuru Emoto who discovered that human consciousness, words and intention can restructure water molecules. It is our intention that the thoughtful positive words engraved on every Bhavana Bottle bottle will serve as a simple reminder to take a mindful moment to share these positive vibrations into your water and daily life.  

I love everything about Bhavana Bottle!!! The story, the mission and the beautiful bottles that I use for everything!!! I love making my morning tea with it and it really keeps it hot ALL day!! I get so many compliments and purchased others for friends as gifts :)

Jenny Raley

2 Jan 2020, 12:21

I work out and I am active a lot so I’m constantly going through water bottles… You know the crummy little plastic ones that we all get at tradeshows from time to time? When I came across this bottle I knew right away that it was going to be one I’d want to use for life! Super durable and I love the backstory of the two founders.

Josh Trent

15 Jan 2020, 14:42

I love the exquisite cutout design; it gives a feeling of peace and serenity reminding me to chill and enjoy the moment. Quality construction that keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. I recommend this mug, it is fun to use while protecting the environment.


Carla Jennkin

15 SEP 2019 14:42

5 High Vibe Designs to Choose From

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A refillable water bottle prevents an average of 170 plastic water bottles from ending up in the ocean each year.