Health Benefits of Infusing Water with Lemon

Health Benefits of Infusing Water with Lemon

When I was growing up my mom would always give my sister and I a big glass of lemon water in the morning before we left for school. There would also be pre-cut lemon slices in the fridge for when we wanted to add some lemon flavor to our water but neither of us ever really ever knew the positive effects this simple fruit fusion had on our precious bodies. 

Flash forward fifteen years and now have a handy infuser inside my Bhavana Bottle, so I am always looking for new fruits and herbs to infuse in my water to add extra vitamins and minerals to my daily regimen. Lemon water has become a staple in my hydration routine for start my morning off right. It is a quick and simple way to add some natural flavor to your water and has a cascade of positive health benefits including detoxing your kidneys, brightening your skin and detoxing your body.

If you are looking for an easy health hack to incorporate into your daily hydration, then lemon water may be the answer! Try it out and let us know how you feel after a couple weeks!

Heath Benefits of Infusion Water with Lemon


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