Our Mission

Our mission is to provide beautiful sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles that reduce our plastic footprint and bring mindfulness back to daily decision making. The first step to create change is becoming aware of the impact our habitual daily actions are having on our planet. 

As consumers, we have power. Our power is in the daily choices that me make, the products and companies we choose to support. We have the choice to say “NO” to single-use plastic water bottles and instead bringing our own re-usable water bottle, straw, bag, etc. We invite you to allow your choice to be your VOICE. 

As our means of being a part of the solution, we donate 3% of all product sales to support organizations dedicated to the preservation and cleaning of our precious oceans. 

Our Story

The idea for Bhava Bottle came to us while we were living on a small island in the Gulf of Thailand immersed in a yogic community focused on finding physical, mental and emotional healing.

While living on the island, it became inevitably clear the destruction single-use plastic is having on our ocean eco-systems. The plastic we use for only a couple minutes is being dumped in our oceans. It is killing the marine life, polluting our life giving resources and washing up daily on the shores all around the world.  

One day after a storm we were swimming in the ocean and found ourselves surrounded by a murky river of trash that was floating in from the ocean. We were deeply saddened by this experience which ignited a flame deep with us. It was time to create change... 

At the same time, we were reading the book Hidden Messages Water, written by the Japanese water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, whose work evidenced that water responds to our thoughts, words and intentions. 

This is when the idea came. A simple and elegant bottle encased with sacred geometry and high vibration words to bring the mind back to the present - gratitude and love for being alive.

All of our products are sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to replace single-use plastic. We wanted captivating sacred geometric designs to serve as a vehicle to bring people back to the now. We donate 3% of all sales to different organizations each month who are dedicated to cleaning the oceans and protecting marine life. 

Our products are an invitation to slow down, take a breath and cultivate a high vibrational feeling to emanate out into the world. It is our hope that our products lessen plastic waste, contribute to clean our oceans and bring you back to the present even for a moment and feel what it feels like to know you are making a difference with every sip you take.